Where can i buy a universal remote control

 If you want to buy a universal remote control, you can see this link: is a store of BOXPUT official brand selling Set-top boxes, Bluetooth electronic products, Network electronic equipment, and other Accessories. We provide Solutions and Services for supplying chain. We provide many brands of Smart electronic products with technology export. We always have someone on hand to answer your questions. We believe in professional service and product warranty.  That will do our best to satisfy your needs. Our customer service team is ready to assist you and is dedicated to ensuring that your shopping experience at our website is fast, safe, and hassle-free. If you have any Inquiries, problems, comments, or suggestions, please feel free to contact us via phone, email, or live chat any time and we will respond ASAP! Q: The item i bought can shipped the day? A:Generally, the items are shipped on the same

What is the best universal remote control?

  BPIR universal IR Learning remote control is our New remote. BPIR  is our new universal IR learning remote control. It’s suitable for ANDROID TV BOX, SMART TV, DVD SAT,  STB, DVB HIFI TV BOX, etc. It has an LED indicator. Below that is TV power button. It can learn two remote control. TV and android box or TV and DVB. With this remote you can throw away your old DVB remote and TV remote at the same time. When you wish to create the best television-viewing-experience possible, you have to own a universal remote. By owning one of these universal remotes, your television-viewing-life could not get any better. Let us paint a picture for the ultimate television experience. All of your devices are working together in harmony. Your television set will give you great image quality, your sound system will make it seem like you are actually in the movie, the lights are dimmed and the curtains are closed. If you have automated all of these systems, one problem can

What is the most suitable air mouse for X88 Pro 10?

  X88 pro 10 android tv box is an excellent android tv box, it is also very popular when it is released. It is an Android 10 Tv Box X88 PRO 10 RK3318 Smart TV Box 4K 1080P Dual Wifi 2.4G 5G Bluetooth 4.0 Google Store Support Netflix Youtube Set-Top X88 Pro 10 Android tv box. The remote control of this box is an IR infrared remote control. But for the current Android box, the BPR1S Plus remote control may be more suitable for you. Among our new remotes, the BPR1S Plus is the most suitable for the X88 Pro 10. Here are some comparisons: 1. Shape and material The original remote control of X88 Pro 10 and BPR1S Plus are made of plastic material, but the BPR1S Plus feels lighter and the overall shape is designed to be ergonomic and more comfortable to handle. 2. Control the direction The original remote control of X88 Pro 10 must be facing the box to control it, and the box cannot be controlled by pointing in other directions. This point is believed to be a very headache for many users, esp

How to setup universal remote control for samsung tv

  BPIR universal IR Learning remote control Replace your remote controls with BPIR universal! This is a completely custom IR learning remote that works in a practical way. The IR learning remote control will be able to use commands from a variety of remotes, which also helps to reduce clutter and provides a specialized one remote control solution. The learning process is simple- just take the old remote and set it end to end with the learning remote, hold down a button until the indicator light blinks, which sets it to learning mode. Then, press the button you would like to learn from the old remote, and the light will flash which gives confirmation the code is now learned. IR Learning (SET button cannot be learned): 1. Press the “SET” button, release it when the indicator light is on. 2. Press the button that would leam, it starts learning when the indicator light flashes 3. Align the infrared head to another remote that would be learned. 4. Press that be learned button till the light

How to Set Up X88 Pro 10 Android TV Box

  X88 pro 10 android tv box is an excellent android tv box, it is also very popular when it is released. After a year of using, some people may have insights into this box. Many users who are unfamiliar with Android boxes may not know how to set up Android boxes. Today we wrote this tutorial specially. Not only for X88 Pro 10, but also for other android boxes. Connecting the Android TV Box 1. Turn off your TV. For your safety, it is recommended that you turn off the power of the TV when connecting the device to prevent electric shock. 2. Connect an HDMI cable to the HDMI port on the Android TV box.   There are plenty of ports on the side of the box, such as USB 2.0 port USB 3.0 port, SPDIF digital audio out, Gigabit Ethernet port, DC, and HDMI 2.1 with support for resolutions up to 8k, And finally, a TF slot. Find the HDMI port. 3. Connect the other end to an open HDMI port on your TV.  You'll find the HDMI ports on the back of your TV or running along the side. Android TV requir

X88 Pro 10 Android tv box is worth buying?

  X88 pro 10 android tv box is an excellent android tv box, it is also very popular when it is released. After a year of using, some people may have insights into this box. Today still have questions that ' Is this worth to buy?'   In fact, I still think this box is one of the most exciting android TV boxes on the market. The X88 Pro is a powerful box perfect for anyone who wants to customize their system and put this hardware at the center of their personal media library. However, like many general-purpose boxes, it's worth noting that it doesn't come with advanced features, including access to Netflix in 4K, voice control, or smart home integration. If you need a box that can meet these, it is recommended that you buy an ATV box ( Click here to see what is ATV box ) Main Specifications RK3318 Quad-Core Chipset  — a decent but affordable chipset that helps keep the price of this box down Android 11.0 Operating System  — the very latest Android operating system curren

Are Android TV Boxes worth it in 2022?

This topic can always be very controversial, and I often see people discussing it on the Internet. Someone said: I would never buy one. If they don’t work with the major streaming services what is the point? They are a waste of money. We have two cubes and one apple box. They work amazingly well. After buying a load of cheap android boxes and moved on to Novida Sheild, firestick TV 4K and Google Chromecast TV, stick with one of them the cheap boxes due to the upgrades and lenght they will last!!! Someone said: I have had a cheap $40 android box for 6 years that will play anything I throw at it. And haven't had a single problem. Android boxes are worth it in 2021,will be more than worth it in 2030,thanks     Today we will discuss this issue. Android TV is more than just Android on a box that you connect to your TV. A lot more. Android TV has been specifically designed for the bigger screen—it has a dedicated interface, better controller and remote support, a specifically curated Pla